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*These results are not typical and not guaranteed. Your individual results may varyThe following are some of the latest success stories from our customers. If you would like to share how Clearetto changed your life, please email us with your before/after pictures and shipping address to receive a FREE bottle of Clearetto! (support@clearetto.com). All before and after photos on our website show real Clearetto customers. These results are not typical and not guaranteed. Your individual results may vary.

Before I ordered clearetto I was broken out pretty bad on the left side of my face and also a few on my right. I’ve dealt with this unfortunate disease since I was 12 years old. I have tried all products on the market short of accutane -which I will not try. Bottom line: my face cleared up! I am so grateful for the change to my acne and will continue to use your product.

-Karen (7/12/15)*

Very excited that in 4 weeks I’ve had a major improvement in acne! Cannot thank Clearetto enough!!

-Anton (6/26/15)*

I had tried pretty much everything I could think of. I never had acne until after I graduated and then it came like wildfire. I tried topical creams, home remedies, expensive facials and masks, changed my pillow cases every night, and even considered trying Accutane. I honestly could not be more amazed that Clearetto has cleared up my acne almost entirely. I bought it on a whim and I could not be more happy with the results. In just a month, my face feels and looks so much healthier. I will most definitely continue to use your product in the future. Thank you so much for boosting my confidence and clearing up my acne!!

-Rayna (6/20/15)*

Hello there, I have sent you my before/after pictures after using one bottle of this product. I took 3 pills per day for a month. Really amazed. 

-Siavash (7/3/15)*

My whole face has improved and I have not dealt with any big, red pimples since I started taking Clearetto. I have felt more confident and can’t wait to continue taking Clearetto! Thank you!! 

-Elle (6/10/15)*

I have been using clearetto for a month now and couldn’t be happier with the improvements in not only the appearance but the health of my skin! This product has been proving to be a total life saver. 🙂

-Maddie (5/22/15)*

My daughter after 6 weeks on clearetto. Very pleased with the results

-Beatriz (5/6/15)*

Clearetto helped a lot. The incidence of cysts is much much less. I wish you guys had reps. I’d rep you!

-Gabe (4/9/15)*

HI . Here are my before and after pictures.. attached. What a difference!! I have struggled with acne my whole life and actually had an appointment with a dermatologist scheduled and I was going to beg for accutane. I just couldn’t handle it anymore!! Clearetto was the very last straw for me and I really didn’t believe in my heart that it would work. Well it did!! Thank you so much! You have changed my life!! I tell everyone I know about clearetto. There is no longer any need to suffer with acne, afraid of strong drugs and creams etc. Thank you so much!!

-Caroline G. (4/3/15)*

I would have never imagined there was anything for my skin. I tried everything from the dermatologist, getting facials, changing makeup, nothing worked. A good friend of mine recommended Clearetto to me. I tried it November 21 2013 and am currently still using it. It’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me I truly appreciate clearetto!!

-Brittney H (3/27/15)*

Thank you Clearetto for creating a natural acne medicine. My face is clearing up and my skin feels so much better! Thanks.

-Caroline G. (3/9/15)*

I’m sending the before and after photo of me using clearetto!

The feeling is so amazing. Amazing results after 42 days of using clearetto. I didn’t even believe there was still hope for my face! Thank you clearetto!

-Roxanne (2/15/15)*

My son, Max, has been taking your product, Clearetto Acne Solution. Start date: Dec 1st, till now, Jan 15th, 2015 for a total six weeks as of today. See the before & after photos attached. He is absolutely 100% happy with the incredible results so far! Thank-you so much for your product!

He has tried antibiotics and many other products with no luck. Your product has been the most successful so far and he will continue using it thru his teenage years. You guys have a great product! Keep up the good work

-Lisa O. (2/7/15)*

I have attached before and after pictures of my daughter’s face.
Thank you.

-Peni W. (1/16/15)*

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product! I love that it is all natural and safe for my body. As many others have shared, I have struggled with acne the majority of my teenage and young adult years, trying every product imaginable to no avail. Clearetto has targeted the source of my acne, and cleared my skin from the inside out. I can’t thank you enough.

-Joanna A. (1/5/15)*

I am blown away by the results of using Clearetto. The Dermatologist gave my daughter Nieset antibiotics that did nothing…then told her she had to go on birth control and acutane if she had any hope of clearing up. She has been on Clearetto for since April 19th and all of her acne is gone. Now her skin is clear and just has to heal. Thank you so much!

-Scott L. (12/27/14)*

Hello, here are my before and after pics after using clearetto for two months taking only one pill a day. Such amazing results thank you!

-Christina. (10/19/14)*

It has helped me a lot. I have my skin back and feeling confident again.

-Danielle (10/12/14)*

Thank you my skin is starting to get better!

-Melissa M. (9/12/14)*

Hi, I m taking clearetto for two weeks and all pimples or rash are gone! Thank you Clearetto!

-Sammi (8/15/14)*

Clearetto is really the only thing that has helped my acne. Can’t thank you guys enough.

-Carlos (7/11/14)*

After 3 weeks of taking clearetto, my skin has improved tremendously. I feel so much better.
Thank you

-Bridgett (6/8/14)*

This is the best product I have ever used for acne. Here are some pictures of the great progress.

-Olivier B. (5/14/14)*

My doctor wanted me to go on Accutane and he almost talked me into it. I couldn’t imagine what accutane would have done to me. I discovered Clearetto and haven’t looked back. So happy thank u guys !

-Anthony (5/3/14)*

My daughter is 16 years old & has battled with moderate acne for the past few years. We had purchased nationally advertised products, spent tons of money on every top of the line product I could find, but nothing helped. I found Clearetto last year online & decided to try it. Wow! It is truly like magic! Whenever she starts to have even the slightest little breakout, we know that Clearetto will truly clear it up. I don’t have any pictures to send but I just wanted to say thank you for helping my daughter feel more confident with her clear skin!

-Angela G.*

Thank you Clearetto! I had tried everything for my acne aside from Acutane… Even prescription topical treatments and nothing worked. I just finished up my sixth week on Clearetto and my skin has never been better. Finally something that worked!
Thanks again

-Chelsea H.*

I am so sad we didn’t take a photo of her acne before we started taking Clearetto…but she was so miserable and felt so unattractive that she wouldn’t let me take photos of her.

We had tried literally EVERYTHING! We’d been to an aesthetician, a dermatologist, had talked to her doctor, had tried every cream, wash, tonic and treatment from Neutrogena to Proactive with no positive results. We tried antibiotics, which worked ok, but she had ovarian cysts and had to be on birth control to reduce their severity and the antibiotics rendered the birth control ineffective, so she was back to square one.

She was begging me to go on Accutane, but I was really reluctant and tried Clearetto as a last ditch effort. It has worked miracles for her and she is starting to feel so much more confident in herself and is thrilled with the results. We are using some light therapy to help reduce the scarring left behind, but thank you thank you thank you for sharing your product. We are so grateful.

-Angie B.*

Dear Clearetto –
I wanted to let you know how much we love your product. After just 3 weeks on Clearetto, my daughters face was looking much better. She had tiny bumps on her forehead and they are almost gone. The acne around her mouth is looking better every day.
THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see her skin in another 3-4 weeks.

-Michele N.*